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"Holt residence"
My wife and I have lived at the address listed above since july 1993. We raised two children in this house and have seen many changes in our neighborhood over the years, As such, we are quite fond of our home and have been very reluctant to make nay changes or modifications that would not add value to the house and compromise the look and feel of neighborhood. one of my passions is metal working.
I love to work with steel although not my profession, i have been a welder for over 40 year. Occasionally I will dabble in the art of blacksmithing,
working with steel requires generating a lot of heat. The running joke with my children is that I will, occasionally and accidentally, set thing on fire, In fact, I have set my neighbors yard on fire twice, but it’s good for public relations!
My wife and I contemplated moving to a place where it might be safer to practice my hobby. However the Austin housing market is so expensive, we decided it made more sense to extend the garage, Again given my tendency to (accidently) start fires, traditional wood frame structures were not and option. We explored metal structures, but that did not blend well with the original structure of the house , After doing some research, and discussing with a half dozen contractors we came across Scotbuild US, they patiently educated us on a lightweight,extremely durable and fireproof product-Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). I was skeptical at first but when i learned about how this was the preferred building product for years in Europe, we decided to go with it.
Scotbuild US replaced the brick on the outside of our garage and used the block to extend the garage. The first thing we noticed wash our electric bill dropped 25%. The AAC provided far better insulation than traditional building materials. In february 2021, a major winter storm passed through Texas, We lost electricity for 5 days and the water pipes in the house froze. I had several cases of bottled water stored in the garage, none of which froze during the subfreezing weather, The AAC prevented the garage from freezing while the water inside the house froze. keep in mind the garage has 2 big doors and is located on the North side of the structure! I am so impressed by the performance of the AAC, that if I ever build a new house , I will use it again. In sum,
I strongly recommend AAC.
"Recently, we hired Scotbuild US to deliver two home improvement projects for two of our homes. One of them is a main entry way to our house in Austin and the other is a patio in our second home in Corpus Christi. Both projects were building elaborate porches made with natural stone. Scot Build presented to us the innovative Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks and panels, and explained the properties and uses of this material in the substitution of wood or metal. The final result looks very modern, practical and meet our needs for housing.
– Scotbuild US showed us a “Tiny House” he built with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete panels, this was a pro bono work he did in the “Austing First Community” property. We were pleased to see how sleek the building looks.
– In April 2020, we went to liberty Hill, Taxes and saw the warehouse Scotbuild US was building there with Autoclave material. We were excited to see the superb quality achieved using the AAC and construction methods.

We have some land in Dumas, North Texas, where we plan for Scotbuild US to build use multiple single family homes using the Autoclave Concrete blocks.we believe it will be the ideal material for that region because the Autoclave material will be a great insulation for the extreme variations in temperature (too ho in the summer and too cold in the winter). Scotbuild US told us that the construction will take less time than with conventional construction materials. We are very confident that we have the right company, ScotBuild US. to start our project and with Scotbuild US personally supervising the construction site. we have seen Scotbuild’s craftsmanship. quality of work, and attention to detail that exceeds any of those of other contractors we worked in the past.

We looking forward to this next project with ScotBuild. We have a great deal of confidence and a comforting piece of mind in working with Ryan on the lead of the project.”

-Ruky and Miriam hall
Scot build, does amazing work! Scot build is very creative & thorough when it comes to designing & building outdoor living spaces. They also were in constant communication with us throughout the build so that we knew exactly what to expect each day. Plus the stone that they use is phenomenal & better than anything found locally. I highly recommend SCOT BUILD US for anyone considering a outdoor living space, addition or remodel.

Scot Build US built an awesome deck with built-in lights and aluminium side rail balusters in our backyard. They were very good listeners and also came up with very good ideas for our deck. I am an extremely happy customer with the final finished product and would highly recommend them without any reservation for your backyard deck projects!!