We care that when a job is done it is done right.  Too often we have met people using AAC and they were given little to no training or help when building their homes or other projects.  

We here at Scot Build U.S. take pride in our customers and materials that we provide.  We provide comprehensive training to make sure the structures you build will last many generations.   

Scot Build US – Crew Training and Consulting Services

We offer a project specific, jinimum 4-hour AC crew training course on the local job site for Scot Build US Customers.  The course covers the following topic.


  • AAC history, production, attributes and block modules
  • Demonstration of AAC tools and equipment
  • discussion of project specific building plan and AAC details
  • Setting re-bar and making connections to slab or stem
  • slab conditions and how to lay out and set AAC base course
  • Safety, tips and making best use of AAC band saw
  • AAC cutting, drilling, mixing mortars, block laying and leveling techniques
  • placement and tie off vertical re-bar in core block
  • U-block placement over windows and doors with re-bar tie into core block
  • Bond beams, ledgers, roof truss connections
  • Prep, grout mix and grouting of core and U-block
  • Fasteners, anchors, setting doors, windows, cabinets, blumbing and electrics
  • Prep and application of finishes – stuccos, plasters, tile, brick, stone, etc.

Scot Build US AAC Crew Training Course

(Please note – Scot Build US costomers only)

  • Maximum 5 participants
  • 2-week lead time required to schedule course
  • Classes are typicaly held on a Saturday 1 to 5 pm
  • Payment in advance

Scot Build US Outreach Programs:

We are also available to travel and provide the trainging program at jobsite locations.  Travel expenses and shipment of any tools and equipment are additional to Crew Training Courses.  We also can provide services for trained AAC intallers to work with your crew during the initial phases of the block work.

Scot Build US AAC Consulting Services.

With over 50 years of experience in construction with AAC, Est 1954, Scot Build AAC Consulting Services can provide additional oversight during AAC wall construction. Scot Build US will inspect the AAC work, answer builders questins and suggest tips and techniques to streamline shell construction. this service is highly recommended as it can help keep an AAC project moving smoothly. By scheduled meetings at the jobsite, (bi-weekly, weekly, bimonthly, etc) we can go over AAC architectural detials and building concerns as well as discuss methods that can help the crew expedite their construction process.

Scot Build US AAC Consultiation Services. Each time-block provides a total of 4 house of on site time, phone or facetime consulting during the planning stages and the construction phase of the project.

  • Minimum: 1-hour sessions. Payment in advance
  • Travel time/gas to and from job site, charged at a $78/hour
  • A second day of AAC Crew Trainging can also be arranged.

We serve:

Texas, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Arizona, California, Wyoming, Florida, Scotland, Tenerife


As a premier home builder the equipment, we use matters! 

We pride ourselves in using the most modern technology and equipment on the market!

Case CX37C
Attachments: Steelwrist X04 Tiltroator 

Case SR210
Attachments: Eterra BMX-600, MB Concrete Crusher

AAC - Bandsaws

We Stock 3 types of bandsaws for cutting AAC.

We Also Rent out, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  

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