We care that when a job is done it is done right.  Too often we have met people using AAC and they were given little to no training or help when building their homes or other projects.  

We here at Scot Build U.S. take pride in our customers and materials that we provide.  We provide with every purchase comprehensive training to make sure the structures you build will last many generations.  

Our training is over two weeks and we are available for consultation if you need us during the building process.  


As a premier home builder the equipment, we use matters! 

We pride ourselves in using the most modern technology and equipment on the market!

Case CX37C
Attachments: Steelwrist X04 Tiltroator 

Case SR210
Attachments: Eterra BMX-600, MB Concrete Crusher

AAC - Bandsaws

We Stock 3 types of bandsaws for cutting AAC.

We Also Rent out, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  

Established 1954 in Scotland 2015 in the USA